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september 9, 2017

"Where do we go from here?"
4 hour interactive experience within an enhanced ENVIRONMENT
sculpture (both dead and alive),
paper / collage,
& performance.

The audience is guided and directed through the space by a sketched blueprint of the 4,000 sqft space,  and  an instructive and interactive price sheet.
price sheet instructs Audience to purchase artwork by texting the artists phone number with their offered price. NEGOTIATION -and all other communication- takes place entirely through text. once purchased, seller pays in cash or through a cash app, such as venmo.

Although the artist is physically present, she remains disconnected from her audience. and although she is -quite literally- on display , she is able to experiences varying periods of invisibility.

it appears as though, onCe audience members understand that direct connection cannot be established ("IRL" face to face interaction), the audience turns back to the work / environment, as well as into their peers.

The artist becomes a fly on the wall of her own creation.

photographer: Rachel Cuccia

photographer: Rachel Cuccia.

the artist's perspective
photographer: Dessislava Terzieva